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Do you have a great book idea or the next big invention?  Would you like to use your ideas to defer income and taxes? 

Use your Truly Self-Directed IRA to invest in Intellectual Property.  This unique strategy allows inventors, small business people, artists, musicians, crafters, engineers, film makers, Internet business owners, writers, etc. to place ideas, web URLs and other intellectual property inside of their Self-Directed IRA.

Intellectual Property are intangible assets. They include copyrights, patents, logos, Web URLs, trademarks, books, music, art, film. 

They can be found almost everywhere - in creative works like books, films, records, music, art and software.  Much of what we see and use on the Internet includes or represents some form of intellectual property.

Benefits of Investing in Intellectual Property

  • Tax free income and distribution of royalty and other passive income inside Roth IRA
  • Asset protection of the idea or intellectual property

Intangible assets don't have the obvious physical value of real estate, stocks, bonds, or other traditional assets. However, they continue to be very valuable for a company or individual and can be critical to long-term success or failure.

For example, Coca-Cola wouldn't be nearly as successful were it not for the high value of its brand-name.  Although brand-name recognition is not a physical asset you can see or touch, the value of the brand-name can be extremely profitable.  In the case of the Coca-Cola company, this has proven to be true.

With a Truly Self-Directed IRA you are allowed the flexibility needed to invest in Intellectual Property -- yours or someone else’s.   

You want to be sure not to exceed the contribution limits, and you need to be careful of how much “sweat equity” you put into it.  But when you get the appropriate legal help, you can build a retirement fortune at a speed unmatched by nearly any other asset type, and with very little financial capital to start.

Investment companies claim to give you the freedom of self-direction, but they don’t give you the power to exercise your own judgment, and quickly. 

My Way IRA is a true self-directed IRA that will allow you to make these unique, innovated, and profitable investments.