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IRA Rollover/ 401k Rollover / SEP Rollover

Are you ready to open a Truly Self-Directed IRA?  You may want to consider a rollover from your current retirement account (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, SEP IRA or Simple IRA) into a Self-Directed IRA.  This type of rollover is perfectly legal, and if done according to regulations, can be tax free.

Benefits of a Rollover

            * Total Investment Decision Making Power
            * Absolute Checkbook Control
            * Limited Custodial Participation
            * Limited Fees
            * Diverse Investment Portfolio
            * Control of Withdrawals and Distributions

You do not have to transfer all your money from your 401k, SEP, or other retirement account into your Truly Self-Directed IRA.  You can transfer as much or as little as you would like.  If you follow the regulations, a rollover is not a taxable event.  The one exception to this is transferring into a Self-Directed Roth IRA or Roth 401k from any account that is not a Roth.

If you are in-between jobs, and have an existing 401k you may want to rollover into a Self-Directed IRA.  This will allow you to avoid taxes and early withdrawal penalties.  Keep in mind that most companies in which you are currently employed will not allow you to rollover your retirement funds. 

In today’s world, the employment trend seems to be to change jobs often.  If you have a 401k from several different past jobs, you can use the rollover options to combine them into one Self-Directed IRA in which you control.  Most companies will allow you to leave your existing 401k account in place even after you have left the place of employment.  However, a rollover into a Self Directed account with check book control will allow you to reach your ultimate retirement goals.

What types of retirement accounts can I “rollover”?
            * Traditional IRAs
            * Sep IRAs
            * Roth IRAs
            * 401(k)s
            * 403(b)s
            * Coverdell Education Savings (ESA)
            * Qualified Annuities
            * Profit Sharing Plans
            * Money Purchase Plans
            * Government Eligible Deferred Compensation Plans     
            * Keoghs


Rollover your IRA/ 401k/ SEP into a Truly Self Directed IRA

Greater Rewards, More Diversity, Fewer Fees, and More Security!