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With a Truly Self Directed IRA LLC (limited liability company), you will be able to control your investing, diversify your retirement portfolio, and for the first time invest in what you know.  

To obtain a Truly Self-Directed IRA you need an IRA LLC.  This is the structure that will give you checkbook control and ultimate decision making power.

How does the IRA LLC work?

The IRA LLC is the key that makes the Self-Directed IRA so powerful.  The LLC (limited liability company) is a legal entity that gives you both power and protection.  The LLC is created and owned by your IRA. 

Your IRA will make an initial investment into the LLC allowing the IRA to own the LLC. 

From then on, the LLC makes all the investments, with the tax liability being a responsibility of the owner, which is the IRA.  As a result, no taxes will be owed on the profits generated in the LLC  (the one exception to this is if you use leverage in a real estate investment). 

The profits will stay in the LLC where the full un-taxed amount is ready to reinvest.  As the owner of the IRA-LLC, you can make investments the minute you decide without having to get permission from anyone.  You now have the checkbook, which puts you in control of your retirement money! 

What are the Benefits?

            * Absolute Checkbook Control– you hold the checkbook, you write the checks!
            * Investment Decision Control- you are the sole owner of the IRA!
            * Tremendous Asset Protection–your investments will be protected through the LLC!
            * Diverse Retirement Portfolio– invest in what you know!
            * Fewer Custodial Fees!


Truly Self Directed IRA LLC -Take control of your Retirement today!