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Would you like to use your own creativity and freedom to invest in what you know?  What about more investment choices for your retirement funds? Would you like to take charge of your own future?

If you want to have control over your own retirement then a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is right for you!

For years, the typical self-directed IRA meant signing up for a bank or an online brokerage account to choose from investments like stocks, CDs, bonds, or mutual funds. These kinds of accounts may be right for some, however, they don’t offer the kind of freedom that a self-directed IRA plan can offer.

Perhaps your retirement plan has room for something more. Maybe you would like to invest in a restaurant or a sports team, a private company or the secondary life insurance market? Or perhaps you have some intellectual property you've created, like a book or trademark or patent you would like to put in.

With a Self-Directed IRA you are given the freedom to do any of those.

You are allowed to use your creativity, interests, and knowledge as you formulate your diverse investment portfolio. If you understand stocks, then you can invest in the stock market. If you understand real estate, then you can use that knowledge to make money. This diversification is one of the main advantages of a Self-Directed IRA.

A Truly Self-Directed IRA, with checkbook control, will allow you to take advantage of both traditional and alternative investment opportunities and puts you in charge of your investment decisions!


• Total Investment Decision Making Power
• Absolute Checkbook Control
• Limited Custodial Participation
• Limited Fees
• Diverse Investment Portfolio

MY WAY IRA - Investing in My Future… My Way!