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    Get Checkbook Control with My Way IRA

    Checkbook control gives you the freedom to control your own investments. Your retirement account creates an LLC, and with the LLC, you are given your own checkbook. You write and sign the checks!

    No longer will you need to go to your custodian for approval. You can write the check as soon as the investment opportunity presents itself. This is extremely beneficial when dealing with time sensitive investments like real estate. Checkbook control puts you in control!

    Why do I want Checkbook Control?

    • You gain control over your investments! Custodial Approval is no longer required. With checkbook control, you can use your own knowledge and interests by investing in what you know and understand. Why should you have to get permission to spend your own money?

    • No More Delays! You can immediately write your own check as soon as you are ready.  You will no longer need to fill out paperwork and WAIT for approval.  No more missing out on those time-sensitive investments.

    • Gain interest on uninvested funds! Your uninvested funds will no longer be held with the custodian.  You will earn the interest, not your custodian. You should be the one making money on your uninvested funds.

    • Eliminate unnecessary fees! Having checkbook control eliminates many fees.  This may include a yearly "maintenance" fee, fees for buying and selling assets, and various processing fees a custodian will charge you.  Checkbook control can save you thousands of dollars in useless fees.

    Checkbook control gives you total decision making power!